Agog Friday: Make The Last Friday Of November Count


While some people think shopping on Thanksgiving is sacrilege, hunting for bargains on Black Friday doesn’t have the same stigma. On the last Friday of November, people would mindlessly throw themselves into crowds, body slamming and massive purchases mere hours after going around the dinner table saying everything they are thankful for. (Hint: It’s usually health and family, not sweaters, dresses and flat-screen TVs.)

Buoyed by #OptOut and #BuyNothingDay hashtags, people have started pointing to over-consumption, garment workers’ living conditions, ecological issues or simply a desire to spend a day off doing something else.

Spending an #agogfriday instead of fighting crowds just to buy things you don’t really need is a good way to make the most out of your day!

Why is it important?

Joining the #agogfriday is the perfect way to take stock of what our true values are. Nowadays we tend to put much value on things and little values on experiences.

What we started as keeping up with the Joneses has now turned into ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’, meaning the pressure to buy items to keep up with your peers, with 'people who count', is enormous, especially when it comes to clothes, fashion, new cars and other status symbols.

We are social creatures. Our brains evolved in an environment where our acceptance by the group was critical to survival. We are still wired this way. It’s the reason influencers and celebrities get to inspire mass purchases: when you put a selected few on a pedestal and tell the rest of the tribe they should be like them in order to be loved, successful and accepted, you have the key to directing purchase behaviors.

Ditching Black Friday to spend some quality time with your loved ones or with yourself will benefit you, the planet, and the 40 million people working in the garment industry in awful conditions.

How does it work?

#agogfriday encourages everyone to show the world they are still able to value experiences over things.You only need to spend your Black Friday doing whatever you enjoy the most rather than going shopping. 

You can then use the hashtag to tell the world you are more than the clothes you wear and the stuff you own.

What impact will I have?

Slowing down our purchases will benefit both the planet and the people behind the products we buy (you can give a look to the Fashion Revolution Manifesto to learn more).

Brands adapt their marketing strategies according to previous customer behaviors, meaning actually WE tell brands what to do.

And with climate change and human rights crisis, the 21st century is certainly the right time to use such power. Besides, it costs $0.00 to have a well-deserved day off!


Valuing experiences over things is not just a once-a-year thing.

You can do it every day (and you should)!

Any day can be #agogday