Welcome To the Hanger Games

Clothes. They are what makes your friend Suzan look like a goddess in that club dress, and your neighbor Jim look like a homeless in his button up shirt. They help you get likes on Instagram and define your role in society.

Shirts, shoes, gym wear, suits and uniforms. Today, we are buying more than 80 billion pieces of clothes per year, most of them being produced abroad. What are we doing with all these clothes? And most important, what are they doing to us, our society, the environment, and the people who made them?

Welcome to the hanger games is an invitation to meet the hands behind the products we use, an insight of fast fashion hidden toll on human rights.

Following the production of a t-shirt, and sprinkling some useful tips, this book helps you reduce your impact in easy and affordable ways, become aware of your lifestyle choices and improve the livelihood of others. 

(Spoiler: you don’t have to buy expensive chocolate nor to dress like a hippie).

This book is for everyone who wears clothes and buys things.

Free Ebook

Why Is It Free?

Honestly, I was not sure whether to charge for the book. Often people place little value on things that are given for free.

I decided not to charge for this book because I'm hoping it will reach more people that way. Personally, I wish I had learned about ethical shopping before, so if Welcome To the Hanger Games can be readily available to someone who's curious about pursuing an ethical lifestyle, then I don't want a fee to stand in their way.

Long story short, consider it as a gift. I'm not requiring you to sign up or subscribe to anything in order to download the book. I do have a lot of new projects coming up this year, including another publication, so checking the blog every now and then is a great way to stay in the loop.

Welcome To the Hanger Games will be available to everyone on this page from July 15th (full text in PDF and EPUB formats).

If this book helps you in anyway, please share it. Print it out and leave a copy in the coffee shop, at your office, or give it to your friends. Post it on your Facebook or simply send people here to download it. Below are some images you can use.

Thanks for helping spreading.

I'd also like to know what you thought of it, and whether it helped you, so that I can make my future publications even better. If you have a moment to send me your thoughts, you can do so on my Contact Form. I'd also love to here from you on Instagram or Facebook.


About Us

The Author


Hi there! My name is Maria Chiara.

I’m a student and solidarity enthusiast.

Big changes happened in 2018 after I moved for Uni and started switching my own habits to more sustainable ones; buying organic fair trade/local food, and choosing secondhand clothes & investment pieces over fast-changing trends.

Today I live in Lyon and do my best to live with the lowest impact possible on a quite low budget (#studentlife).

The Collaborator


Hello everyone! My name is Electra and I live in Nice where I study Modern Literature.

It's my belief that literature offers us a great lesson: there's nothing more powerful than words.

That's why I'm convinced that our world should make good use of the universe of literature in order to deliver messages that are able to change people inside.

Change is part of the human being, and literature is a tangible proof of this.

The Illustrator