Slow Shopping On A Budget

In most cases, ethical fashion is more expensive.

The cost of ethical fashion represents the true cost of a garment, where no one is exploited in the process of making it. But no matter how passionate you are about worker rights and sustainability, when your routi

The truth is, we are not all in a position to purchase ethically made clothes. Sure, it's great to support  ethical brands, but sometimes it simply isn't possible. If you are struggling to shop with your values without overloading yourself with even more financial stress, here are some good alternatives you could use.



Find a local thrift store or charity shop and give those clothes a way out of the landfill



Get your clothes on e-bay or another online reseller



Invest in a few quality pieces rather than bad quality fast fashion that you'll end up throwing away. Your clothes will last longer, which means you'll spend less money in the long run



Find ethical brands whose practices match your values as well as your personal style. Then shop the sales of such ethically-focused brands. They do have them ! It’s a great way to support brands who align with your values when you are on a budget. Just check their websites and look for sales and discounts, or promotion codes.



Swap clothes with your group of friends - it's free and fun!



Restyle what you already have, or turn it into something new. There are plenty of DIYs out there