The Photographer

Michela Cella

My name is Michela Cella and I live in Genova (Italy) where I attend the Faculty of Communication Sciences, waiting to specialize in photography, my great passion.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved wandering around with my pocket camera taking pics of everything around me. Didn't take long to receive my first reflex camera.

From there I got a little creative. I really wanted to learn how to properly work with my camera, and started watching tutorials and doing some research on the Internet. Two years ago, I attended my frist photography course and started focusing on portraits. I love the unique way a shot can bring out the essence and the personality of each subject, in addition to their beauty, revealing the most elusive instants.

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Michela is doing an amazing job. She puts so much passion in her works and her enthousiasm is extremely contagious. We love her portraits and wonderful shots!

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